G Slam 2016 Sponsorship program

We look forward to welcoming you into our family of sponsors for the 2016 tournament and hope you will agree that a modest investment on your part will bring many benefits to your organisation. In this short document we aim to answer all your questions, but if there is anything else you would like to know, please do not hesitate to ask.

The contact for our sponsorship program is: info@baligslam.com

Why Should I Sponsor G Slam?


Bali G Slam has been held every year since 2011 and is now an established stop on the GLTA Tournaments World Tour.


Tennis as a sport is becoming more and more international and G Slam reflects this. When we started in 2011 we had players from just five countries. Over the years that has grown to sixteen countries in 2016.

Social Responsibility

In 2015 G Slam donated Rp 14 million to HIV/AIDS treatment and prevention in Bali

Wide Promotion

Last year’s banner

We will promote the tournament widely, and everywhere we do we will be acknowledging the help from our sponsors and helping to bring more visibility to your organisation. Here are the places where you can expect to see your brand displayed.

  • Posters in tourist venues,
    Ads in Bali Advertiser,
    Facebook,GLTA Web Site,
    Bali G Slam Web Site,
    The tennis player network


Tennis is naturally associated with sport and fitness, both of which are seen as essential components in the life of the modern man or woman.

World Network

As part of the GLTA World Tour of 90+ Tournaments G Slam has an international reputation.

Award Winning

In fact in 2015 G Slam won The GLTA International Best Small Team Award. This award was given for excellence of organisation and the friendly and welcoming environment we created for the players.

What will G Slam actually do for its sponsors?

We will put your logo on

  • Posters in many tourist venues

  • A large banner on a major city centre artery (Jalan Angsoka, Denpasar)

  • Two half page adverts in Bali Advertiser which publishes (in colour) twice per month and has a circulation around 20,000 copies per edition.

  • Our Facebook group, The Bali G Slam web pages

As a gold sponsor, your banner will also be prominently displayed at the court for the whole tournament

What do I need to do to become a sponsor?

You can be either a major sponsor or a minor sponsor. There is also the possibility of becoming lead sponsor and including your brand in the tournament name.

Lead Sponsors

If you are interested in this, we should discuss and agree the arrangements. From our lead sponsor we would be looking for around Rp 50,000,000 by mid April 2016.

Major Sponsors

Major Sponsors donate at least Rp 5 million cash by mid-April and receive all the benefits listed in the previous section and are always listed above minor sponsors.

Minor sponsors

Minor sponsors donate at least Rp 2.5 million in cash or kind. Logos are displayed wherever space permits. If there is no space for your logo, we will still list your name as a sponsor. (No provision for banners at the courts)